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Digital marketing solutions that helps plumbing, HVAC, and home service companies grow beyond $3 million in gross revenue.


We won't obscure our process with complex diagrams intended to confuse. You'll have clear understanding of your expenses and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


We carefully select our partners in each service sector, ensuring we do not work with your rivals. Our dedication is to achieving outcomes for your business.


Our business revolves around your needs, and you'll sense this commitment in our customer service. Our responsiveness is so immediate, it might seem as if you're our sole client.

About Us

About Rize Search

Our parent company Egnite Design & Marketing was founded 18 years ago and has witnessed significant changes in the digital marketing arena. By adjusting to and learning from each update to algorithms across various marketing platforms, we've delivered remarkable outcomes for a range of businesses in the home services sector.

Cease the endless chase. Opt for digital marketing solutions that promise tangible outcomes. Partnering with an acclaimed website design firm like Rize Search, reaching your objectives will be a swift journey.

Driving results for our clients in not just a big deal... It is the BIGGEST deal.

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You Come First! That's Our Guarantee to You

You seek outcomes and a robust return on investment (ROI) from your marketing spend. Take comfort and reduce your concerns, understanding that your success is our paramount aim.

You require reports in simple language that makes sense to you. Great news! We monitor all activities and provide frequent updates demonstrating how your digital marketing investment is converting into higher quality leads for your business.

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How You Are Treated Is What Sets Us Apart

Rize Search collaborates with entrepreneurs such as yourself, who are frustrated with the lack of progress in their digital marketing efforts, steering you towards digital expansion and ensuring a significant return on investment (ROI). With an acclaimed digital marketing agency as your ally, you can attract more leads, reduce stress, reclaim time, and establish a powerful online presence.

  • Local SEO + GBP Management

    For businesses dependent on local clientele, data indicates that investing in local SEO ranks among the most efficient allocations of your marketing funds. Ignoring it might result in falling behind your competition. A lot of people use local search tools while on the go, with queries like “plumber near me”, or "roofing company near me" to quickly bring up the closest options. The top 3 positions receive over 66% of organic leads.

  • SEO + Content Marketing

    SEO targets and attracts relevant traffic from Google, drawing in potential customers interested in your offerings, not just random visitors. Driving 1,000% more traffic than organic social media. Content marketing, on the other hand, cultivates trust, authority, and loyalty among these prospects. In today's market, consumers research extensively before buying, seeking brands they trust.

  • Responsive Website Design

    Owners of home service businesses should view their website as a vibrant, welcoming storefront. Just as a physical store displays products, your website acts as your online display window, providing a detailed view of the services you offer. In a time where digital attention is brief, the content on your website needs to communicate with unmistakable clarity, highlighting your unique value.

  • On-Demand Lead Generation

    Lead generation is a strategic approach that enables you to connect with potential customers at the initial stages of their purchasing journey. By engaging with them early on, you have the opportunity to gain their trust, foster a meaningful relationship, and accompany them throughout their decision-making process. This method is essential for cultivating a loyal customer base and driving sales in a competitive market.

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